Flight Canceled – What Now??

You hear those dreaded words and you panic!  Your flight has been canceled.  What do you do after the panic first sets in?  There are a couple of steps that can save your trip, especially if you were only going for a short trip to begin with.

Find Your Replacement Flight Yourself

  • Grab your phone, iPad or computer.
  • Check to see the next flights leaving to your destination of choice.
  • You need to have all your options ready by the time you speak to a CSR.
Suggestion:  Also check cities close by so you have alternatives to run by the customer service rep once you get them on the phone.  Also, check other airlines.

Get to a Customer Service Representative

  • Jump on the phone with the customer service line of the airline that you are booked with
  • If you are in the airport when your flight is canceled, immediately walk to the customer service or ticket desk.
  • Wait on hold or in the actual line or better yet, both.  That gives you the best chance of getting out and not having to wait a few days.

Find Out Your Options

  • Always have the CSR give you your new flight options first to see what they have re-booked you on.  Depending on the reason for your canceled flight they may have already found you a new seat.
  • If you do not like the option that was provided to you and your traveling party, bring up the other flights that you found, first giving them flight options on their own airline.
  • If there are no flight options on the airline you booked your original flight, opt to try to see if they will re-book you on a flight with another airline.

Ask for Perks

  • If your flight gets canceled for maintenance reasons and you need to stay overnight, ask for a hotel stay or meal.  The airline may give them to you if you ask nicely or if the cancellation is not weather-related.
  • You sometimes may even get meal certificates if your flight is delayed.  You won’t know if you don’t ask.
  • If you have travel insurance, a cancellation of a flight may be a covered event.    Check your policies declarations page to see if it is covered or check with your agent.

In closing, you must act fast.  If weather looks bad, always double check  so you know what options you have.  Know your options before a cancellation occurs.  Travel insurance is a must.  It will make your trip safe from any inconvenience.  Cancellations are inevitable, especially at certain times of the year or in certain parts of the world. Plan for them and your travel will be much smoother.

Super Travel Bitch Out!

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