Harmony of the Seas

The high seas is a great place to vacation. I have been on over 25 cruises so when Harmony of the Seas was still in the building stage we decided to book a week-long cruise to try out the latest cruise ship at the time.

Our Cabin

On cruises, we have booked almost every type of cabin during sailing from Inside cabins to the Royal Suite.  For this sailing we decided to try an internal balcony cabin.  We picked one over the Boardwalk of the ship.  This gave us a balcony to sit on to have breakfast or drinks, but something to look to be able to people watch.

This room also came with a free soft drink package. Since I was addicted to diet coke at the  time, that seemed like the perfect perk for me.  The room had good storage and the beds were made into a King for us.

Boardwalk Balcony

The Ship

The ship is huge.  It was too big for me.  It holds over 5,700 passengers when it is full.  Our sailing only had about 5,200 passengers as it was one of the first few sailings of the ship, so is wasn’t overly full.  It also was in early December when kids were in still in school. Luckily, we didn’t have lots of kids running around the ship.  I have nothing against kids, but we planned a kid free vacation and it was nice to be around mostly adults as my kids are now grown.

I prefer smaller ships where you get to know the crew and other passengers, but the ship did have some great  features.

Ultimate Abyss

We tried the Ultimate Abyss which is a 10 story dry slide at the back of the ship.  It was really cool.  We got to ride it a few times without lines.

We also tried the Perfect Storm water slides multiple times.  The see-through tubes gave it an added dimension that could not be beat.  The ship has so many things to keep you busy, from trivia to dancing the night away.  You really can’t possibly be bored on this ship.  I didn’t spend much time in the casino, but we like to sit by the pool, and take part in all the activities.


The Food

We usually love eating in the main dining room on cruises.  This ship was the exception.  The main dining room was not as good as it has been on smaller ships, so we ate in a few of the specialty restaurants.  I loved 150 Central Park.  We had an awesome tenderloin there, although the menu may have changed since we sailed.

We took a guacamole making class at Sabor for lunch and had delicious margaritas.  That is a definite Super Travel Bitch Recommend.

Finally we went to Wonderland for a creative dining experience.  It is definitely not your ordinary dinner but we are all glad we went. I am not an adventurous eater, but I loved the whole experience.  It is where we celebrated my husband’s birthday.

The Ports

During our sailing we visited the Bahamas, St. Maarten & St. Thomas.  Suffice it to say we didn’t go on the ship for the ports.  We had been to all of these islands many times.  The weather in early December was beautiful.  We took it easy in each port, visiting beaches we had been to before.  The ports were low key for us.  Just some nice sunny beach days.  The only port we really planned a specific beach excursion was in St. Maarteen where we did a shore excursion called Snorkeling and Speed Boat Tour.  It was an amazing day.  Lunch was provided and it was a small group tour which is what we always prefer.  We only had 6 people in our tour that day.  Great for getting personalized service.  The snorkeling was beautiful and the day was spectacular.

My Assessment

Harmony of the Seas is a large ship with tons to do. It wasn’t really for me.  I am sure it is the right choice for lots of people, but I prefer smaller more intimate ships.  I just went on an 85 person River Cruise to Vietnam and Cambodia and that ship was fantastic.

While I like to have activities on vacation, I don’t need to be around 5,000 of my closest acquaintances.  When you get that many people together you have issues getting people on and off the ship at times, and meals are not always up to par.  Service was fine but nothing spectacular.  Our cabin was always clean, but we never saw our cabin steward.

I would rather pay a bit more and get better service and a more intimate experience.  Next up is a Celebrity Cruise in a few weeks.  We will see how that compares to Royal Caribbean.

Super Travel Bitch Out

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