Mt. Meru Hotel, Arusha, Tanzania – STB Review

Kanisa Rd, Arusha, Tanzania

General Review

We spent 4 lovely nights at the Mt. Meru Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania before taking off on our safari. We had a group of 20 going on safari and spent 4 nights to get used to the time difference and to ease into the experience.  The drive from the airport wasn’t too bad as our tour company arranged for a private escort to our resort.   Service was very good both in the dining rooms and the restaurants. The people there were very nice and helpful.   All in all the hotel was very nice. It seems to have been renovated and is in good shape. I would recommend it to families visiting . It is a nice place to stay before leaving on safari.


Check-in was very easy. We were asked to take seats in the lobby and they brought our check-in paperwork to us. Miriam, a representative from our tour company came to meet us and confirmed that all the rooms were as requested.

Our Room

The rooms were very clean and well appointed. The beds were comfortable and large enough. They were able to accommodate our entire group with single, twin and double rooms as needed. This meant my kids who wanted separate beds were able to have them. The hotel allowed for free internet access.

The hotel bathroom provided free toiletries such as soap and shampoo and the shower was large and the water pressure was good and water was warm.

The Amenities

The hotel had a full range of amenities.  The hotel pool and pool area was very nice and well maintained. The water was a cold, but it was Africa’s winter so that wasn’t a surprise. They had towels by the pool to use, so no need to bring them from your room.

Dining and Drinks

Meals were included in our package at the hotel. We had breakfast and dinner included every day at the hotel’s main restaurant. This restaurant had decent food, but it got a little boring eating there every day. We could have left the hotel but were exhausted from the day’s activities.   We were able to arrange tables together for our group every day.

The hotel had a few nice bars. One was outside near the pool and one in the main part of the hotel. They had a variety of local beers and other drinks at reasonable  prices.


  • Security at the hotel was excellent.  Security guards roamed the property.
  • Staff was very accommodating.  They were helpful with all requests.


  • Internet access as very slow. Don’t try and upload pictures from your trip while there.  Wait until you return.
  • The power went out in the hotel a few times.  Welcome to Africa!
  • The shower was awkward. There was a window from the bedroom into the bathroom which was odd, especially for my kids. The shower had no curtain, so the floor got super wet.

This resort is a Super Travel Bitch Recommend.

Super Travel Bitch Out


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