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Street 24, Krong Siem Reap, Old Market area, Krong Siem Reap 17252, Cambodia

General Review

What can we say about Tripadvisor’s Top Hotel of 2018 except it was an amazing hotel. The service of the hotel was top notch and on that alone, I would return to Siem Reap.  You can book a room on its own or a hotel package.  The hotel packages offer lots of extras so check them out if they are offered when you are planning to be in Cambodia.


The Viroth hotel picked us up in vintage cars from the hotel that our cruise line brought us to.  They would just have also picked us up from the airport if that was how we had arrived to Cambodia. We arrived by river cruise, so the hotel pickup was perfect. The vintage cars were roomy and easily fit our luggage in the trunk.

Check-in was easy with a  helpful staff.  They greeted us with a cold towel and a cold fruit drink.  The staff brought us to a waiting area and had our documents and room keys ready.  A few signatures and the hand off of some vouchers and we were whisked off to our rooms.

Our Suite

We had booked a suite for our stay.    Our package included a three-course Khmer dinner and a couples massage in the hotels spa.  We were only staying for two nights.  Our luggage was quickly taken to our suite on the third floor.  They do not have elevators, so if mobility is a problem, let them know when you book your room that you want a room on the first floor.  It was not an issue for us. We were greeted by a fruit and drink display in our beautifully appointed suite.

Our suite had a King Sized bed that was heavenly and a lovely balcony with greenery and flowers, overlooking the courtyard and pool.  Our ample bathroom included a rain head shower and very deep soaking tub.  They gave you luxurious spa products to use including a sugar scrub to use in the shower.  The scrub was especially refreshing after hot days visiting the temples.

Hotel Amenities

The hotel had a full range of amenities.  The crystal clear pool was cool and inviting and nice after a hot day sight-seeing.  The hotel also had a world class spa.  We did a Khmer couples massage that used warm packs along with warm oils.  This massage was so relaxing.  I highly recommend it and so does my husband.  I will be honest, if the hotel had a gym we never saw it.  It was too damn hot and I don’t work out when it’s nice out, so I am certainly not working out when the humidity is at 95%.  I can’t comment on the gym, but if it is half as nice as the rest of the hotel, you are in for a treat.

Dining and Drinks

Breakfast was included with our stay.  They had a wide range of options.  The offered fresh baked pastries and eggs or waffles and fresh fruit juices.  The breakfast also allowed for noodle soups or traditional Cambodia breakfast items.  You got a selection off a menu, but could select as many items as you wanted.  It was a great way to start your morning before heading out for your day.

The hotel had a restaurant and a bar for other meals as well.  We tried a traditional Khmer meal one of the nights we were at the hotel as it came with our hotel package.  We also had lunch at the hotel.  The fried rice was delicious and all the options gave ample portions.  My husband has food allergies and they did well accommodating those allergies.  They were able to accommodate no gluten and his pepper allergy with ease.


  • Service, Service, Service – The staff was there to cater to your every wish, from dining reservations to spraying on bug spray before you left the resort.
  • The Pool – The pool was beautiful and refreshing in the courtyard of the hotel.  Especially nice after a hot day of visiting temples.
  • Spa – offered a wide variety of relaxing massages, facials and body wraps.
  • Close to downtown Siem Reap.


  • No elevator in the resort.
  • Some of the floors get very slippery after a rainstorm.  Just watch your footing.

This resort is a Super Travel Bitch Strong Recommend.

Super Travel Bitch Out!

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  • Chelsea
    Posted November 14, 2018 5:07 am 0Likes

    I saw this article on Tailwind, actually and I had to pop by to say hello because I was at this hotel in April! I absolutely loved Cambodia and loved Viroth’s as well!! Wasn’t the pool area just heaven? I thought this was such a great hotel and a great city. Angkor Wat was an amazing experience! I’ll leave my post about the hotel here too!
    xo Chelsea |

    • Super Travel Bitch
      Posted November 15, 2018 1:46 am 0Likes

      Chelsea: The pool was amazing and the spa even better. We loved Siem Reap. So many things to see, so many temples. Thanks for stopping by. I used your blog post to plan our trip so this all came full circle. Thanks for being my inspiration.

      STB Out

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